Option/Other Courses

Listed below are courses offered with a brief description and no course outline.

Career and Life Management  (CALM)(3 credits)

*High School Diploma requirement. This course is designed to assist students to plan for their futures and to succeed on their own. Topics covered: self management, personal goals, coping with stress, peer pressure, human sexuality, career planning, job interviews, consumer awareness, home and family. Compulsory course to meet diploma requirements

Physical Education 10 (3 - 5 credits)

*High School Diploma requirement. This course encourages the development of body management, coordination, and control through a variety of activities. A variety is essential in order to get the most out of a self-directed Physical Education program. Compulsory course to meet diploma requirements.

Art 10-20-30 (5 credits each)

Students examine various approaches to art and design. Students are also encouraged to be creative and develop techniques using a variety of media.

Learning Strategies 15 & 25(3 credits) & 35 (5 credits)

Discover your learning style - what works, what doesn't. Time management, study tips, & self advocacy. Match your personality to potential career choices and then make sure that your high school courses provide the foundation you need.

Reading 15 & 25 (5 credits)

Refresh all of the fundamental English Language Arts rules that you didn't know you forgot! Reading comprehension skills, interpreting photographs, etc.

CTS Courses

Please ask for a list of available CTS courses. These are all one module,  one credit courses.