Chinook's Edge School Division

Commonly Asked Questions:

Are your courses recognized by Colleges, Universities, Apprenticeship Programs?
Yes!  All schools in the province follow the curriculum as set by Alberta Education, we simply have a different approach to the courses.

What grades do you offer?
Students 19 years, or younger, on September 1 of the current school year to register can register for Grades 10-12. 

Do you accept Adult Students?
Yes! Students 20 years, or older, on September 1 of the current school year are considered Adult Students. Please see Adult Learners.

How much does it cost?
The school fee is $104.00. There may be an additional cost of $6.00 per credit for option courses using consumable goods supplied by the school (i.e. Art 10-5 credits would cost $30.00)  
*Adult Learners need to contact the school for current course rates.

Do I need to come every day?
No. Attendance is flexible, students are required to come in once a week to make sure they are following their timeline by completing a Progress Report. We do have students that attend daily and encourage regular attendance as it is our belief that the more often you attend, the higher your chances of success.

How do my marks get reported?
At the end of each semester (January and June) all completed courses are reported to Alberta Education and report cards are mailed to the students.
Mid-Term report cards are also issued each semester. We have an 'Open Door' reporting policy with parents, guardians and students.

If I am full time at another school can I take courses through you as well?
Yes! Many of our students are on Blended Programs because they are having a scheduling conflict with their current timetables.

What happens if I need help with a course?
Just ask! We are here to help. Generally you can simply phone or walk in and one of the teachers will be able to help you work through the question.