Chinook's Edge School Division

How To Apply

Please print off and complete the REGISTRATION Form . A birth certificate is required for identification.

                      MEDIA CONSENT Form                    TECHNOLOGY User Agreement           Request for STUDENT RECORDS

If you are coming from out of province, please bring a copy of your most recent report card or a statement of marks for all completed high school courses.

Parent/Guardian signatures will be required on the registration form unless the student meets Independent Status:
If you are an Independent Student - Please complete this form: Release of Independed Student Information

The School Act defines an independent student as someone who is:
1.    18 years of age or older, or
2.    16 & 17 years of age and one of the following:
         - living independedntly (living apart from parent/guardianss and paying their own expenses),
         - living independently and receiving support through a child welfare agreement, or
         - living independently and receiving social allowance.