Choosing a Career

There are many tools available to individuals to assist in choosing a career. Planning your high school courses to meet the requirements of the education or training needed for your career choice can save time, money and frustration down the road. Keep as many doors open with your high school courses as possible - we'll show you how.

The following websites are valuable planning tools in choosing a career:

  • ALIS (Alberta Learning Information Services)  Opportunity starts here!  
    Welcome to Alberta's leading on-line source for career, learning and employment information and services. Here you'll find the resources you need to start making the most of your future.
  • OCCinfo© provides up-to-date information about occupations (types of work) in a format called occupational profiles. There are more than 500 occupational profiles in OCCinfo©. Each profile presents information about an occupation under the following headings:
    • Duties
    • Working Conditions
    • Personal Characteristics
    • Educational Requirements
    • Employment and Advancement
    • Salary
    • Other Sources of Information
  • CAREERinsite Home  A word (or two) about career planning… Career planning is an interactive process that involves learning about yourself and the type of work that would be a good fit for you. Career planning includes:
    • self reflection
    • gathering information
    • making decisions
    • taking action
  • Tradesecrets APPRENTICESHIP AND INDUSTRY TRAINING. Perhaps you have decided that you are best suited to enter a trade. This site will provide you will all the information you need.

Be sure to research the R.A.P. section of the website